Days Gone on PS5 – Super Smooth at 60FPS – But Can It Survive The Horde?

January 18, 2021 39 Views

One of two PlayStation 5 Sony first party exclusives to benefit from a 60fps upgrade for PlayStation 5, Days Gone benefits tremendously from the upgrade, with the vast majority of standard gameplay holding steady at 60fps – but can it survive the 300-strong onslaught of the Horde in challenge mode? NOTE: An error in this piece – while Days Gone, The Last Guardian and God of War are a part of the PlayStation Collection, Ghost of Tsushima is not.

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  1. Kept you waiting, huh? I forgot about the Video plus I had a power outage for more than a day.
    I so sick and tired of Developers focusing TOO MUCH on Graphics while sacrificing 60 Frames PerSeconds! Here's an suggestion: Adjust to the Hardware while making your games in 60 FPS!
    Now if there's a PS5 60 FPS Update for FFVII Remake, Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn and PS4 Death Stranding.

  2. I never bought this game, heard some bad stuff about it. I did get a PS5 though and along with Ghost of Tsushima, which i already finished. This was the only game that got a PS5 upgrade unless you count native PS5 games and Cyberpunk. So i had to try it when you got it for free with the Playstation plus collection. I was not disappointed. And tbh this game was far better than people give it credit for. The story and the characters are not that interesting to me. But the gameplay is really good imo.

  3. Skipped this game on my PS4 and heard it was patched for PS5. Man I picked a perfect time to play it, forget PS5 games, the system unlocks what PS4 should have been, absolutely amazing.
    It says the resolution is variable 4K, but I never noticed it dipped and the Framerate is generally very good.

  4. Oh come on. Just say it: it's a PS4 game and the PS5 can't deal with it to deliver 60fps locked.
    It isn't native 4K.
    The new generation was rushed to market (also X series X). There are almost no exclusives for the new generation, which is not normal as in the past there were always exclusives to sell the new generation.
    We are now also seeing delays of PS5 and X series X games. And on top of that: you can't buy one at a store.
    These new consoles were rushed out.