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December 30, 2020 44 Views

HUGE Xbox Series X leaks that shows Microsoft and Xbox might be pushing 2021 to new heights. Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox Game Studios will expand even further.

New AAA Xbox games coming in the next year that will make the Xbox platform so much better. Can Sony’s PlayStation 5 combat all of these leaks?

The Ps5 and the Xbox Series X are going to have one insane next generation for several years. With new games, studios, features and services.

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  1. The inxile rumor has been going since June. The rumor was they had the biggest budget for any of the rpg studios. The steampunk rumor comes from one of the artists profile that has steampunk concept art.

    Seriously doubt the sega rumor. They already have a lot of studios and doubt they are in the market to acquire a big publisher again. Now a gamepass deal, I can really see that.

  2. Sega doesn't have massive franchises? Ummm Football manager and the Total War series are absolutely huge. Not to mention that they own Atlus now who are becoming bigger and bigger thanks to the Persona series. A exclusive Persona 6 to Xbox would be a system seller to many.

  3. for me if xbox needs to aquire more studios in 2021, Mercurysteam (castlevania, MetroidQ return of Semua, Spacelords) is a studio need for it s the current projects stop to be stuck.

  4. Wait….so you're telling me that rpg dev InExhile, who realeased their latest rpg 5 months ago, is currently working on a new rpg that will probably come out in 3-4 years??? Wow that is shocking news. Who would gave guessed such a crazy thing. I can see why you lead off with such an earth shattering rumor….haha, wtf?

  5. You're plain dreaming bro', you're just making a "wishlist", at the end NOTHING announced in your video will happen, I even doubt that halo will be released this year…50% chance of being postponed again for 2022 imo…horizon 5?
    C'mon !!they're already working hard on fable reboot, there won't be any horizon before the motorsport's one in late 2022…
    2021will be another "transition/waiting" year, nothing will be ready before late 2022, except maybe halo, but not sure of it once again…
    And for the free gold:NO WAY!!they already stated that it will never be free…they just fusioning it with gamepass, wich I think is a sort of "forced sell" imo…if consumers don't want to play on GP they will be screwed because they'll must pay for 3/6 months gold subscriptions, wich are moooore expensives than a 1 year sub (and they deleted it intentionally for grabbing more money, so unfair at the end)…
    Wait and see but your expectations sound like fairytales for me….

  6. I joined the side of green 5 weeks ago with the purchase of a xbox series x and this is definitely what I was worried about. If bethesda is with xbox now ,Doom and all there I.Ps should be xbox exclusives no exception. DOOM AND THE ELDER SCROLLS NEED TO BE XBOX SERIES X EXCLUSIVES

  7. What leads me to think that there is still a chance Microsoft will acquire Sega is because before they announced ZeniMax, gamepass was getting loaded up with ZeniMax games.. Has anyone noticed how many Sega titles are on there now? The Yakuza's alone..

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