All About the Money

November 20, 2020 52 Views

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  1. You know just because escobar is in prison doesn't mean you mock the guy hope they know his sons are running the most deadliest cartel still and I'm sure a family member of escobar's like his son doesn't like people mocking his dad I don't get society today people making fun of a dangerous cartel leader because of jokes hope they know he can still put hits out on them

  2. Did I hear that right is there gonna be a part 2 sequel to this but instead of columbia they gonna go to Afghanistan this time wearing towels on their heads and shit oh and where's the crazy mofo that got hit by a chicken truck then stepped on a landmine think he'll pop back up

    Edit: I somehow knew after remembering about that crazy dude stepping on landmine would show up at 1:26:14 lol

  3. Now please hear me out. I'm not complaining about this movie, rather I'm asking about YT's policy. They ruin "Fargo" by bleeping out the swear words, but leave the eff word in this movie. What gives?

  4. Not that I'm a prude with the language, far from it, you should hear what I whisper to your mom when we're in… Nevermind. Anyway, this is TV-14. Saying the eff word multiple times used to mean you'd get an R rating. What is the deal?