Top 35 Strongest Dragon Ball Super Characters [Manga Version] {Battle of Gods – Moro Saga}

December 19, 2020 18 Views

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  1. Decent list, but I disagree with a few things.

    First of all, Piccolo > 17. Piccolo heavily outperformed him in the Moro arc. He kept standing against both Saganbo and Moro while 17 couldn't fight anymore. This clearly means that Piccolo is stronger 17.
    Gohan > Kefla. Gohan trained with Piccolo after the ToP, as stated in the Moro arc, so I would put him above Kefla.
    Android 18 is too low. She performed the same way against Moro as 17 did, with both being able to land a scratch on him and impress him, suggesting that her and 17 are around the same tier. She should be above Future Trunks at least.