9 Times You Accidentally Made Video Games Harder

January 16, 2021 53 Views

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  1. What ever do you mean, picking deprived in dark souls making playing harder because of "lowered stats" the deprived class has higher base stats and a lower base level, most start I g classes have 85 attribute points deprived has 90

  2. I actually learned of Undertale by way of reputation, and the very first time I ever played it I used that name, come to find out, when I complain about it to my younger sister and say it’s way too hard and not fun at all, I’m playing hard mode. Felt dumb there

  3. In deus ex during my first play through when the option of the free upgrade first came around I had planned on getting it eventually but I never got round to getting it. Was a good thing I didn’t

  4. So…I've tried numerous times to play Dark Souls. But I've never made it very far.
    And now I know why: I chose deprived as my class. I didn't know anything about Dark Souls when I did it, I just thought it seemed a more appropriate class.
    Jesus fucking Christ…

  5. The funny thing about the Pokemon series is that in Red/Blue, things start out easy if you chose Bulbasaur as your starter. However, it's the other way around in Gold/Silver, where choosing Chikorita as your starter makes the beginning of your adventure harder; Grass-types are at a disadvantage against Flying-types and Bug-types. And it obviously doesn't get any easier if you don't do a lot of level grinding.

  6. I never played Chris because of the short inventory and lack of gun, always picked Jill. I never finished the game because I never figured out I needed to open the Blue Book and Red Book, so once I reached the water fountain with the statues, that was the end of the game for me.

  7. In regards to Dark Souls, Choosing Deprived IS NOT a hard mode, its a blank slate for you the player to fully customize. Often times the DS classes give you points in the stats you want and many YOU DON'T WANT them in AT ALL. Choosing deprived allows you to choose which points go where from your first level and onward while avoiding having points put places that will never be useful to your build.

  8. Dark Souls, Bloodborne. I chose deprived or waste of skin. I wanted to start at lvl 0 so I could allocate stats where I wanted. Didn't care about difficulty. I overcame it and helped to save countless hosts from invaders, booted people out of the church, and overcame the gank squads solo. The victory is deliciously sweet. Well worth the struggle. Just think about it. If you can kill a boss using no armor, a wooden shield and a toothpick. Or just kill an enemy barehanded. When everyone else chooses a knight with armor and a weapons. I am pretty sure you can conquer everything else with skill and determination. ?

  9. At least for Fallout 3, NV, and 4, zero intelligence runs were doable whereas a zero-anything run in the original Fallout was much harder. That game forced you to be a little balanced in your build.

  10. Deprived in dark souls is normally a choice for min/max players because the character starts at a lower level and therefore gives the player the choice as to where to spend their levels where choosing something like knight starts at a higher level with predetermined stats.