CITIZEN by CNN: Biden's first 100 days

January 21, 2021 58 Views

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  1. What’s there to figure out you guys are all robots speaking and doing what you are programmed to do right figure it out oh and here’s a question how does racial equity tie in with an executive order to stop deportation of illegal immigrants and one more thing your dog knows you aren’t telling the truth about anything

  2. In January 2021 there is psychological murder worldwide including and especially in the G-3 nations USA, ISRAEL, AND ENGLAND (NOT GREAT BRITAIN). The three pirate nations who are being fair and balanced in their perverted way, now murder the world with the MAKE BELIEVE FAKE VIRUS. When’s someone dies of in an airplane crash,,, no, no, no, they died of the horrible fake virus. Fake masks, Fake social distancing and Fake lockdowns that are really marshal law dressed up in a dark suit. Now we starve to death happily being patriotic giving up our guns to the dark suits who have guns, undercover spies, and a military industrial complex to cheerfully dispose of us. The so called upper class party’s on our graves and laughs how stupid we are to believe their evil dark Psychological Operations. The SELF ADMITTEDLY NWO LUCIFER WORSHIPING G-3 so called leaders have been found to have raped chidren and then shot them in the head on video. Do you think peace is on Dark Suits minds? Self defense. Do what you want with the Dark Suits and their friends. Be free. Don’t watch television instead go make good history happen. Have fun and ENJOY THE WAR THEY STARTED NOT US. The righteous always win eventually. So no worries mate and have a spot of tea in the battlefield and smile. Victory is ours! Special thanks to Julian Assange rotting in a British prison for reporting war crimes, Roger Waters ((Rock Band Pink Floyd) who spoke at the United Nations, Stanley Kubrick who made the movie Eyes Wide Shut about NWO human sacrifices and did the FAKE MOON LANDING movie before for the NWO and then was promptly murdered leaving his wive alone with children, George Orwell International British Intelligence Police Officer in Burma who wrote the book 1984, and myself Tony Michael Lee TML the NWO artist and others like me both men and women who have the balls to give these traitors back exactly what they deserve. free art and culture.

  3. John King, watching your segment and Molly Ball wonders if Trump is still trying to be relevant? The answer is YES. He was commenting on Glenn Beck page last night. Imagine that, trolling the whack of the whack, looking for his followers. Rounding them up. Ugh, this man must be impeached and barred from office

  4. Well day 1 inauguration day, Portland and Seattle STILL being vandalized.UNITY is working i see…this is going to be a shit show. Now who want to volunteer and open their homes up to the migrant caravan headed our way due to open borders….ANY TAKERS? Bet not 1 of u fakes

  5. Thomas Edison Said

    "I have not failed. I've just found 10, 000 ways that won't work."

    As far as COVID 19 is concerned the Biden administration has had close to a year to learn from Trump's mistakes.

    How many people in this world had experience controlling a pandemic?

    All over the world experts in the field were trying things and making mistakes.

    Why is Trump any different?

    Even Dr Fauci gave out advice on how to contain the pandemic and he changed his advice a few times because his initial advice did not work.

    And Trump at time was following Dr Fauci's advice.

    Trump was taking input from Dr Fauci who had made out to some kind of a god. Has he solved the problem yet?

    Just so you know I am not a follower of Trump but what's fair is fair.

    So Thomas Edison's "I have not failed. I've just found 10, 000 ways that won't work." can be applied to Donald Trump.

  6. Fact is big tech and numerous corporate media have taken a stance of globalism and silencing free speech to meet their agenda is what they do will be what we don't allow just sayin☺️????? America strong

  7. Antifa has been rioting every day that Biden has been in office, Yelling F Biden and burning policy stations in Portland, Seattle, and Denver, and no reporter is reporting is. and why is the Anfifa's website goes directly to Biden ???

  8. I salute and have confidence in Honourable President Biden's new economic strategic i-plans – will unite by "building back better" on delivering for all Americans of all creeds. I support all Americans. My Dad is Joseph – dedicated achievements to him thanks, RIP.

  9. Wow YouTube deletes all the dislikes….WOW! CRIMINAL. BIDEN DESTROYS 10,000 DAYS ON DAY ONE….GREATEST NEWS WAS FILING TO IMPEACH biden!!!!! beautiful. Hunter's laptop evidence is so bad for joey…..Praise God….I couldn't even stomach Hunter's Laptop….So disgusting….SICKENING……AND JOE BIDEN runs away from questions from the media……what a chicken. He looks so small behind President Trump's Desk… small.

  10. – [ ] “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black” Joe Biden , Interview on, The Breakfast Club am May 2020 [ ] “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black” -Joe Biden , Interview on, The Breakfast Club am May 2020

  11. Day 2. 250 000 now un employed Keystonepipeline contract kicked to the waysides. However we now have have a caravan of hundreds of thousands of Guatemalans Mexicans with no trade skills marching to our border with welcome arms while our citizens are workers who pay taxes who forge the industry are now unemployed to allow these illegals to plow into our country