10 Abysmally Terrible PS4 Video Games

December 10, 2020 58 Views

The worst of the worst.

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  1. Hi Whatculture,
    Thank you for recommending My Name is Mayo 1 & 2 to me. As bad games they were cheap & easy to add to my collection. I managed to 100% My Name is Mayo in less than 30 minutes & I intend to do the same tomorrow.

  2. You forgot about Road Rage. Supposedly a successor to the Road Rash games from the 90s, this game is just god awful in controls, writing, direction… just everything really. Even the trophy list is an abomination, requiring you to spend hours hitting 1,000 pedestrians with your weapon as you ride by them, which is something you may have only done by accident during the actual game. Oh, and there's no stat counter, so you don't know if you accidentally hit them with your bike and not your weapon, if it actually counted.

  3. Everytime I see Fluster Cluck I think of Adventures with Chickens on the 1998 version of Galaxy of Games on Windows. It’s basically the same thing but a top down maze/puzzle game that has you in a saucer grabbing chickens.

  4. 4:36 This guy's really out here admonishing games for a lack of creativity WHILE WEARING THE MOST BASIC ASS LOGO DESIGN ON HIS HAT. Dude, the crystal shop around the corner, my local church, and every independent coffee shop ever all called and they want their logo back.

  5. I have a soft spot for mech games and Shinkawa's art, so when I saw that I got excited. Then the reviews rolled in.
    Omg, just imagine a Godzilla game in the style of TLOU or God of War. Having to escape the city or try and fight back as Godzilla rampages.
    The Quiet Man probably would have worked better 1st person and probably a lip reading subtitle mechanic.