The Loud House Characters As Mangas And Anime

August 21, 2018 42 Views

The Houde House Kids Reimagined as Anime!


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“The Loud House” is still one of the most talked-about Nickelodeon cartoons. How could you not love these full-of-life and personality characters? Lily, Lisa, Lynn, Luan, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lincoln, Luna, Lori and Leni really do make sure we are giggling all the way through the episode. But have you ever wondered what these characters would look like in a manga or anime form? We found some amazing “Loud House” fanart that shows us just that. Seriously, you won’t believe when you see some of these amazing drawings. Stay tuned to see a “Sailor Moon” inspired illustration, created by “The Loud House’s” storyboard artist! These are 15 “Loud House” characters reimagined as manga and anime.

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  1. Lisa, the glasses girl from scooby doo
    Lory, maybe a sheriff of a town or something else
    Lucy, … I um… normal…
    Clyde, protagonist best friend 😀
    Lana, lola
    Luann, the joker to her batman
    Lin, um…maybe the heroine?