Will Covid-19 Vaccine Passports Work?

January 17, 2021 47 Views

A number of start-ups and major tech companies like Microsoft, Ticketmaster, Apple, and Google are interested in vaccine or immunization passports to help reopen the economy. But public health officials are weary, warning the apps are pointless without more knowledge about the efficacy of the vaccines. Watch the video above to learn more about digital vaccine verifications and how you could possibly prove your immunity to coronavirus before attending an event or entering a building.

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Will Covid-19 Vaccine Passports Work?


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  2. Vaccinations are the ONLY reason our younger generation does not have to worry about Typhoid, Small Pox, Polio, Tetanus, Rubella, Measles, Whooping Cough, Rotavirus, Mumps, chicken Pox, Diphtheria, etc. You are smart enough to look it up. And for the record, you already have to show proof of vacinations. EVERY child who goes to school has to show their records. Vacinated or not. Wake up People, if you look for evil, you will find evil. If you look for good, you will find good.

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  4. This tech is already here. It will progress from a phone or band and then into your hand. People tend to lose phones or forget them. They get damaged etc. How inconvenient would it be to forget your phone and can’t get into your workplace or board a plane? Yep the body ID is coming and the tech is already here. Quantum Dot tattooing will be part of the mechanism.

  5. Odd how comments are turned on this video even though the previous one have none and by the dislike ratio it's less controversial than this. If your journalists want to make propaganda pieces please have them use the MSNBC banner. I want to get news not a tribal hit piece filled with "experts" who are incapable of self-analyzing their own political bias and misinformation.

  6. Considering the vaccine isn’t known to lower the spread of Sarcov2, a vaccine passport/mandate should not be necessary. In fact, Fauci reccoomends travelers to stay in quarantine after a flight even if they have been vaccinated. Why is this? Because the vaccine does not stop the spread of COVID, it only reduces symptoms. In fact, those vaccinated would be more dangerous than those who are not because they would be more likely to spread COVID asymptomstically. Even so, COVID is not much of a concern to those who are young and have no underlying conditions. The symptoms of COVID can be reduced through Hydroxychloroquine and zinc, along with vitamin c and d, and using these treatments would likely increase the already high survival rate of COVID. So you can see that this vaccine is not about your health and safety, it’s about control

  7. The governments caused this tragedy in the first place, viruses are caused/activated by built up toxins in the body, it’s a way of the body cleansing itself (see Natural Health) God gave us a great immune system, and though there is disease, the human race managed to survive thousands of years before vaccines were invented

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  9. I know I'll get roasted for this, but how will the know if someone has had the vaccination for air travel? For the moment, let's forget all other gatherings and focus just on that single issue. The question is do you want to get on a plane with people who have not been vaccinated. The rate of effectiveness of most of the vaccines is about 95%, so one person with COVID could infect several more if there were no verification. The only other way would be the paper cards like you get for yellow fever. Then again, that's still a "identification" of sorts.