PS5 or XBOX? An Easy Choice After Having Both For A Bit!

January 14, 2021 33 Views

I’ve had the PS5 since launch week. Got the Xbox Series X about 10 days ago.

They are BOTH amazing consoles; just wonderful.

But my heart- I’m starting to find- belongs to the Series X.

I didn’t see that coming! DAMN!

Let’s discuss! πŸ™‚




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  1. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I play on Xbox and I am an old school gamer, I buy one game at a time and invest a lot of time in it. But I recently got Game Pass and have to admit that it did make me try many different things, and I was able to complete some great games I would not have bought otherwise (Talos Principle, Bloodstained, Call of the Sea). It is definitely a great way to discover new games, and also pick whatever you feel like you want to play.
    I find that Xbox offers the better user experience overall, and I like playing my multi-player games on it.

  2. Since the last generation I talked to one of my friends about me wishing to have the ability to swap between two games instantly. I remember him seeing no benefits for that and said that this is something strange to wish for.

    To my surprise Microsoft granted my wish and introduced Quick Resume with the ability to have not two but FIVE games suspended and I couldn't be happier. Last gen I skipped Xbox entirely. Now I am a happy gamer with my new series X and xbox live ultimate subscription. It just feels so fresh after all this time. So thank you Microsoft and the team of xbox. Saying all that, I still expect more, and the future is looking bright for xbox and I can't wait to get there.

  3. Multitasking [or "multigaming"], as having MORE THAN ONE game running in the background was literally the first thing that interested me, regarding the features of the PS5… I still can't believe this feature is missing and I hope it will become available in future OS updates.

  4. First time switching to Xbox X from PlayStation consoles. I absolutely love it. Although the launch battle was lost, game pass seems to be the future that destroys the ps5.
    Try out Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. It makes gaming so much more fun!!!

  5. Streaming games is ass rather have the disk, quick resume pointless since i unplug my system. Games run about the same or better on ps5 as of the moment dint k ow about the future and exclusives ecentho i mostly care about nitendo exclusives . Pst for me , however xbox is full hdmi 2.1

  6. I'm PlayStation fan but I like that quick resume a lot. I tend to switch Netflix titles back and forth in one sitting and I wish I could do the same when playing games. Will consider buying X1X one day in the future, especially now when they bought Bethesda (hoping for new Doom/Dishonoured games).

  7. This is fair me thinks. I do find that when I used to be on Xbox I'd jump from game to game more but if I'm real for a moment it wasn't cause I have add or anything like that. I just never knew what to play as alot of the games never interested me on the Xbox. These days although I do own and play on PS5, more and more of my time is being taken up by the Nintendo Switch due to its portability and the range of situations I can find myself in where I have time to play it. Just goes to show that circumstances are different for everyone. I guess. GG everyone !

  8. Totally agree David, I like to get quick sessions of games every so often, and with quick resume, thats really doable, I played and finished FF15 and Red Dead Redemption 2 that way, I would get the itch, quick resume the game, advance a few missions and pause it again. really a great feature once you GET IT.

  9. Totally agree and let's be frank, I wouldn't say no to someone giving me a PS5 once their exclusives land over the next couple of years, but the SX for me has been eye-opening, the range of games on Game Pass is awesome, I've played some amazing indie games, and some that did not resonate with my despite being top-end titles, saving me a pretty penny. I've been able to convince the wife to try out Halo Coop, and holy smokes, we completed every Halo Game in MCC over the last 2 months, (FYI to date she has only enjoyed Mario Kart and Party…)

    I excited for more coop experiences, Infinite, that CyberPunk top down game, I hope more devs add this functionality in, and where there are gaps I'd like to see Cross-Play support so I can hook up the Laptop and do some local online gaming with friends and family which since the Pandemic has become so much more important to me.