MANGA COLLECTION 2020 | 780+ Volumes!!

December 23, 2020 54 Views

It’s finally time to make a manga collection video! Thank you to everyone who voted on my poll. Enjoy!

00:00 – Introduction
01:18 – Reorganizing manga pt 1
03:36 – Reorganizing manga pt 2
05:17 – Where I buy manga and bookshelves from
07:10 – Manga Collection Part 1
22:58 – Manga Collection Part 2
49:49 – Manga Collection Part 3
54:16 – Outro + Plans for 2021

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Music by LuKremBo

Music by 샛별 ( Daystar )

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  1. Such a great collection. I had to get rid of most of my manga (donated them) since I moved to a smaller space. Left my One Piece, Inuyasha, Shaman King, Gintama, FMA, most of my Yaoi, some Yuri and some Shoujos and comedy mangas that are dear to me such as KareKano, School Rumble, and my Japanese copy of Gokusen. Love all of Tomu Ohmi's work. I also have Midnight Secretary. Love that series.

  2. To all the lazy people who can't even pay attention to the first few mins of her introduction, she mentioned her bookshelves are the billy bookshelves from ikea.

    Love this video and how detailed you went with every series. Must have taken a lot of time and effort. Salute! ❤

  3. I only have:
    Toilet-bound Hanako-kun Volumes 1-5.
    Haikyuu Volume 1.
    Nurarihyon no Mago Volumes 1-5.
    Pandora Hearts Volumes 1,2.
    Black Butler Volume 1.
    Natsume's Book of Friends Volume 1.
    And Black Clover Volumes 1,2…

    Only 17 volumes…

  4. I have collected oyasumi punpun vagabond viz big editions volume 1-12 berserk deluxe editions 1-6 (best manga of all time the art is godly) uzumaki gyo and tomie and Vinland saga I want to collect all of slam dunk and blade of the immortal

  5. I love reading manga my start into Anime was through the original TV show Pokémon when I was five with collecting the cards I have some Manga Books like Sailor Moon and Nana along with one D Gray Man and one Naruto there's this one anime convection that I and my two BFF'S go to but we couldn't to the 2020 one but hopefully will get to go to this years anime convention for my Manga I always wait for a Sale or place on my birthday or Christmas list

  6. I also have 20th century boys but 1-12 and you should really read it it’s a masterpiece it does take 1 or so volume to adjust but then after that it is great and I also own monster it’s a shame you got spoiled and I also own berserk deluxe editions 1-6 and oyasumi punpun which is an utter masterpiece and I want to buy Pluto 1-8 and real 1-15

  7. My manga collection

    Dragon ball z completed
    (volumes 1-26)
    One piece (volumes 1-18)
    Chainsaw man (volumes 1 and 2)
    Bleach (volumes 1-4)
    Demon slayer (volumes 6-10)
    Death note (volumes 1, 3, and 4)
    The promised neverland vol 1
    Vinland saga book 1
    Jojos vol 1
    Fullmetal alchemist hard cover vol 1
    My hero academia vol 1

  8. Putting some books with their covers facing outwards is a great idea! It makes your collection seem more full, it looks nice on the shelf, and it gives you some more room for new volumes. When I get more bookshelves, I'll totally do that! (Displaying your nendos looks really good, too.) I'll totally use some of the tactics you used on your shelves ^^

  9. love this video!! i usually get bored watching collection videos but i actually found this one very entertaining! some series i reccomend are Hayate the Combat Butler, Pretty Face, and Ojojojo! underrated but some of my all time faves:)

  10. I live in Australia and we don’t have many bookstores that sell manga, I’d say almost all of them are retail price. So it’s really hard to find and second hand books unless it’s bought online ?

  11. If I lived in a big place I would collect as much as you. I try to keep my collection small since I live in a tiny place and downsize my collection. What I collect is kpop albums and rocks, and anime figures. But I keep it small so I wil not clutter my house and save money. Anyways I enjoy seeing your decorations. For some reason its fun.