Trump arrives in Florida as a citizen

January 20, 2021 34 Views

Donald Trump left the White House as president and arrived in Florida a citizen after his term ended with Biden’s inauguration.

The former president kept his involvement with the inauguration and handover of power to President Joe Biden as minimal as possible.

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  1. Donald is the greatest President, what has Biden done in his first 24 hours but overturn all Trumps great work. I think by the end of Trumps first day he had brought about world peace and fixed the economy and still had time for a round of golf. Trump is an amazing man and America is missing him already 🙁

  2. The people is retard alll around the world, flattering these leaders they use to follow. But without presidency we can see his public is small – soon he will be forget, most people justo love to follow who is in power.