The BEST Anime of Winter 2021 – Ones to Watch

January 16, 2021 50 Views

WINTER HAS CAME, Bringing FORTY FOUR exciting new anime and sequels to consume all our free time! To help save some of yours, here are the 10 Best (new) Anime of Winter 2021.
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0:00 Welcome to the Heck Season
1:35 Hyouka meets Madoka
4:29 See you on the Otherside
6:43 Cells at a AAA Game Studio
9:03 Crouching Dweeb, Hidden Himbo
11:23 Title that explains the plot
13:53 Tokyo _____ Jr.
15:58 Immersive Isekai
22:18 Depressing Haikyuu
24:59 Fast & Furious Downhill Jam
27:56 Honorable Mentions

Wonder Egg Priority –
Otherside Picnic –
Cells at Work CODE BLACK –
Horimiya –
Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starting town? –
Kemono Jihen –
Jobless Reincarnation –
So I’m a Spider, So What? –
2.43 Seiin High School Boy’s Volleyball Club –
SK8 The Infinity –

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  1. Two quick corrections! mushoku Tensei is directed by MANABU Okamoto, not Mamoru, and its protagonist is named Rudeus GreyRAT. My brain has to process a lot of names while writing these lists; sorry for getting those two wrong! LMK if you spot anything else in need of correction!

  2. The idea that Best Spider Girl didn’t get the hands down most advantageous start only lasts until you realize the twist.


    Namely that the events with Shun and the others are not being shown to us chronologically. They wasted years as babies while Kumoko hit the ground running. The only person who might be more blessed in her start is Sophia, and only if you disregard all the shit she goes through.

  3. I haven't seen anything past episode 1 of Mushoku Tensei but I really got frustrated with how Rudy thought for a moment that magic is taboo even though the whole event that made him want to learn magic was when his mom used healing magic on him once JUST to make sure he's okay and she wasn't trying to hide it at all.

  4. Hey MB could you cover *Astra Lost In Space*?!!! Its honestly a beautiful hidden gem from summer 2019 and not a lot of people talk about it! I'd love to hear your opinion on the anime, and hopefully get more exposure for it,, its that good, really!!!

    To anyone else who's curious do check it out — this anime cannot go unnoticed! It'll blow your mind! (andits a 12 episode quick binge :))

  5. The ridiculousness of the skating anime is huge, I both skate and snowboard and besides the fact that in the type of downhill skating they are doing in that anime they’d be using longboards, snowboarding doesn’t really relate to skating at all, it’s far closer to skiing. I get why they did what they did plot wise, but it should be set in the isekai genre because it it doesn’t really fit our laws of physics or common sense

  6. One anime that I have been really enjoying so far this season and is defiantly to me an underrated gem and one that literally I see no one ever talking about is Dr Ramune – Mysterious Disease Specialist.
    I recommend everyone to give it a shot. The comedy is so well done imo. The characters and the stories in each episode so far have been great. I can't explain well how much I'm enjoying it so far but people, check it out!