This BIG PS5 Rumor Sounds Crazy…But…

January 16, 2021 35 Views

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  1. Tbf I don't really hear the similarity between Rex and the Demon's Souls noise. Which game is the Rex from that you compare it with? I compare it with the PS1-version.
    Although I would LOVE to see see a MGS1-remake and a MGS4-remaster! 🙂

    I even want to see a full-on remake for the original Metal Gear 1 and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. Those stories in todays graphics? Awwwww shieeeet!

  2. Mgs and silent hill games won't return, too good to be true. Devs know what we want and seem to avoid making them for us. Boxing games, skateboarding games, splinter cell and plenty others. I wouldn't mind a new syphon filter, stealth exclusive for ps5.

    Mgs4 was the best one by a long long way. Soon as games leave ps exclusive they go to shit. Look at mgs v, look at the games made since until dawn, all trash. Playstation exclusives are quality.