Pueblo DA investigating voter fraud case from 2020 Presidential election

January 20, 2021 53 Views

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  1. You notice how they manipulate the words to suit themselves. We're not interested in voter fraud, that is concerning individual voters committing fraud. We're talking about election fraud, that's where it's a widespread manipulation of the tallies by the poll workers. Big, gigantic, humongous difference you morons.

  2. i believe there was fraud in the 2020 presidential election! way too many irregularities including trump having a "insurmountable lead" before the battleground states stopped counting. amazingly, after re-opening and starting the counting again, Trump was behind in the count?? impossible if the counting was truely haulted, the count should have been the same after starting the count back up!! Changing the voting laws in battleground states to make it easier to cheat! No signature verification, no post mark verification, not keeping the envelope with the ballot to name a couple. also, thousands of ballets were counted that didn't have any fold lines on them (to me that means they were probably scanned, packaged and delievered to the counting facilities. there are 19 bell weather counties that have predicted the winner all but 2 times in history. this election they showed trump won 18 of 19 of the counties but still lost, had 12,000,000 more votes than 2016 but still lost.

  3. Of the 54 post election lawsuits filed by Trump and associates 13 were dropped, 27 dismissed, 6 ruled against, 6 appealed and 2 are ongoing.

    Smart lawyers don't file and then drop 13 cases when they have a "mountain of evidence". Let's put this BS to rest. Sidney Powell and Rudy talked a big talk but they didn't have anything when they got to court.

    Trump lied, Powell lied and Rudy lied. They were hoping that if they were annoying enough they would get the courts to roll over for them.
    No widespread voter fraud ever existed. Now Powell has to face the music.