Top 10 Isekai Anime Where Overpowered Mc is Transferred To A Magic School [HD]

December 16, 2020 44 Views

We love isekai anime, and we love overpowered characters, so what do we need next? All of them dropped into a magical school where they can show who’s boss, and perhaps get a girl or two to like them. Welcome to Anitube guys and today we’re speaking of ten anime where the overpowered main character is transferred to a magic school.
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Anime in this video :
Wise Man’s Grandchild – 00:33
Highschool Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World – 01:32
Luck And Logic – 02:28
Dragon Crisis – 03:22
Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar – 04:13
Familiar of Zero – 05:09
Quanzhi Fashi – 06:01
Maburaho – 06:55
My Next Life As A Villainess – 07:47
Problem Children Are Coming From Another World Aren’t They? – 08:47
Also, I try not to include any mainstream or shonen anime to keep the recommendations fresh, but if any are added in there so be it!!!
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  1. I know this could be incredibly hard, depending on the time the anime came out, but I wish there was a location to consume the content he was talking about. If not all of them then some of them that can be consumed legitimately.

  2. I don't think you watched some of these.A plot twist to Wiseman's Grandson is that he is adopted. It comes up over and over again. This video is what happens to when high schoolers who write their book reports based on the film adaptation are allowed to graduate.

  3. btw Quan Zhi Fa Shi is not pronounced as Kuan Zhi Fa Shi, the Q is pronounced like tch- or ch from the word 'chain' or 'churn'

    It means All Jobs/ Occupation Mage. The all jobs probably means all job class, like healer, warrior, etc in games