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December 8, 2020 55 Views

The Sony PlayStation 5 has been with (many) of us for about a month. We’ve gathered reviewers from Polygon, IGN, and Spawn on Me to talk about what we thought of the PS5 launch, how our feelings have changed since reviews dropped, and what we hope to see from the PS5 in future.

The Review Crew is a weekly show where we gather folks from all over the gaming community to discuss the biggest reviews. In previous episodes, we’ve discussed Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Demon’s Souls, and Spider-Man: Morales.

The IGN PS5 review published just under a month ago, and here we discuss our changing thoughts on the PS5 console design, our thoughts on the PS5 SSD’s impact on PS5 load times versus PS5 storage, and our overall feeling on the console as a whole, as well as
the PS5 controller, the DualSense controller.

But first! We look at the best and worst parts of the PS5 and impart our hand-on impressions of Sony’s newest console. We showcase PS5 gameplay and dive deeper into our PS5 review.

The PS5 launch was a bit of a mess, and we weigh in on PS5 stock and the PS5 pre-order dilemma. And finally, the lightning round where all PS5 questions will be answered! Well, probably not, but the lighting round is still very fun.

We hope you enjoyed our IGN PS5 console review and this Review Crew Playstation 5 episode. Be sure to stick around for more Playstation 5 coverage. And for all your PS5 news, PS5 gameplay videos, PS5 game reviews, and all next-gen console reviews stay tuned to IGN.

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  1. I want one but glad it's hard to get so I don't impulse buy. I know there will be a better version out later and most games will still come out on ps4.

    Waiting for that GOW2 PS5 edition with 1TB!!!!

  2. The PS4 controller made my hands cramp up after an hour of play. I loved everything about it except for that, it didn't grip well in my hands. The new one looks better for me but, idk. I haven't played one yet.

  3. I'am pretty satisfied – sold my PS4 Pro and upgraded to PS5. I like the new UI and I really enjoy the capabilities of the new controller – also that it's a bit beefier than the old one. The way the launch was handled and scalpers could make a quick buck is a shame though. It is to blame on the store not using anykind of rechapta methods.

    Concerning things like coil whine and loud fans – yeah, some people are disturbed by it. Imo and in my experience most people wouldn't even have noticed a thing if not for the gaming youtubers making it "a thing" or the console being really damaged and making concerning noises. It's important that the console runs flawlessly and isn't broken. Concerns about the consoles ram getting damaged due to overheating will have to be disproved cause nobody knows the reals specs of the GGR6 ram used in the console so far. Everything could still move inside of expected parameters – but of course time will tell. All in all I'am satisfied and at least for me this is a step up in comparison to the PS4 Pro (but not a necessity of course…).

  4. I really lucked out and happened to see one in stock and of course bought it. But considering I've already played most ps4 exclusives, I'm really disappointed in the ps5 library. I played though demon's souls on the PS3 already. Of the psplus collection there are only 3 games that I don't already own. Until it gets more exclusives, It's basically just going to sit while I play my PC.

  5. Its a shame that the storage is so bad – its a pet peeve of mine to have to keep moving games around. And since I want to be able to play old PS4 games, I plan on having a bunch of files on it. I just know I will regret it if I grab one before the storage is increased in the next version. So, I hope I dont have to wait too long.

  6. Lets not forget they made is a point to have a Woman. Black man, Foreign man and white dude to make this happen. And there points are so conflicting and subpar. Okay the girl screams the supposed team xbox. Ps4 controller is the worst part just because its slight bigger than the xbox. Jesus can we be more considerate here m