Hard Knox | Full Action Comedy Movie

January 1, 2021 32 Views

**This film is under non-exclusive license from Banijay Rights. All rights reserved**

Hard Knox – Niki Knox runs a security firm, and along with her wisecracking partner must stop a villain from activating a set of ancient gems that give him special powers.

Stars: Kim Penn, Thomas Calabro, Lee Majors, Natalie Mendoza

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  1. Jason statham, the rock and Bruce Willis.. The best actor for part investigation.. Others? Zero defect.. Like this Film.. All the man very weak.. Can call all of them transgender.. Bullshit Film l ever saw so far in 2021…shittt.. 😣

  2. This is the silliest comedy of the naughties that I've seen so far this year – and as for the James T. Kirk lookalike right down to the paunch, he looks just one dollar less than a million – seriously hilarious Shame he nose-dived or should that be HOSE dived while he was just hanging around. The tae-kwond-do daughter in the cut-down wedding dress is a phenomenon too and that's only the start.