McConnell proposes delaying impeachment trial

January 21, 2021 57 Views

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  1. In Mitch's mind: "Whatever I can do, to drag my feet and make it more difficult for the Dems to accomplish anything, I'm going to do it. Trump is gone, but I'm not going anywhere." Charming person. Just charming. Perhaps, this is an opportunity for the Democrats to show they can be flexible and cooperate with the Reps, but I'm not certain that the Reps will appreciate the gesture.

  2. It's a harsh ugly truth – social unrest brings about change. When a large segment of society is ignored social unrest becomes inevitable.

    Nancy Pelosi is a snob "How dare you people question our authority"

    Right now her sole purpose for existing is to prove she is right and anyone who disagrees with her is wrong.

    Nancy is not out for justice.

    Nancy is inciting an avalanche of hate – because she does not like Donald Trump. You can see it in her eyes. You can hear it in her voice.

    Donald Trump could not or would not admit is was over. Now it's Nancy's turn.

    Nancy Pelosi is willing to drag this country down to get what she wants. She is doing her best to convince the people of the United States that what she wants is good for the country.

    It is not. – What Nancy is doing brings us back to the beginning of this comment.

    When a large segment of society is ignored social unrest becomes inevitable.

    Justice was served Nancy – Donald Trump lost the election. Isn't that enough? Let him fade away.

    Disclaimer: I do not hate Nancy Pelosi

    I disapprove approve of violence, chaos and anarchy What I said here is my own opinion. It is not a call to arms.

  3. Not even President Biden can intercede and explain to victims and families who lost loved ones that day, how it is possible that the leader of our government planned the massacre, ignore the tragedy, THEN LEAVE OFFICE WITH–$100,000,000– THAT'S ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS OF CAMPAIGN DONATIONS BASED ON A LIE! THEN HAVE THE SENATE EXONERATE HIM!