PS5 Surprise Reveals, COD GOOD NEWS? – Uncharted 5, NEW PS5 GAMES & God of War (PS5 & XBOX)

January 21, 2021 50 Views

We have good news about PS5. It seems like a new Naughty Dog game and New Santa Monica game from the devs of God of War Ragnarok is in development for PS5. We have Xbox news. We have Call of Duty SBMM news. There seems to be a PS5 surprise reveal tomorrow. Uncharted 5 seems to be in developement.
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00:36 – Gaming News

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  1. I stumbled across this video and thought i'd check it out. And holy shit, Is this channel made for 9 year olds with ADHD drinking Redbull while watching Tic Tok? I literally got a headache 4 minutes in lol. If you slow your speech down you could probably get it from 10 minutes up to 15 for more viewing time, that and it would be more tolerable giving a better chance of reaching a larger audience. And bro It's 2021, The whole meme and gif edits are getting really old expecially the same ones we've all been seeing for 5+ years… Good for you tho on the research and you're pretty funny 🙂

  2. dude I feel like im the only COD fan who just absolutely hates warzone. I just think its shit personally too many bugs and sweaties shooting you out of the air its honestly so boring.. I think I'd have more fun shitting my pants then playing this game

  3. Please naughty dog, please don't mess up uncharted. I fucking love uncharted, don't mess it up, don't pull that dirty shit from tlou2.

    And skizzle, if you heart this you have to respond with your favorite zombies map ? (you the goat btw bro)

  4. Uncharted 5? Idk, I thought that Uncharted 4 was the perfect place to end the series. If you want to do some spinoffs that's fine, like the adventures of Sam and Sullivan, but that should be it. And even if they make a Uncharted 5, what are they gonna do exactly? Nathan is going to teach his daughter everything he knows? I doubt he wants his daughter to risk his life pursuing a mysterious treasure while fighting bad guys. It ended nicely and it should stay like that.

  5. What sucks about Modern Warfare 2019 is the 3D sound, the small radar coverage on the minimap, the spawns and the tickrate (Time to die is too short when you get 1 packet which tells your game you recieved 5 hits you die pretty much instantly). But seriously I prefer MW movement and TTK when compared to BOCW because it's more likely to be able to kill multiple enemies in a confrontation with MW's TTK also it's way more unforgiving. You can't just move through a corridor while getting shot and survive easily like in BOCW. In MW you have to be more cautious and think ahead. Also the movement feels way more natural and smooth when compared to BOCW. I think the supersprint adds more depth to the game because it has a tradeoff but it can give you an advantage when used the right way. The matching in all CoD sucks now because people mostly just troll around instead of playing the objective and playing for the win. Most players in CoD mainly care for kills (pubstomp/high kill youtube content) and camo unlocks and both doesn't help objective players which try to actually win the match. The sad thing is that good objective players mostly get matched with non-objective players in a team to make it balanced. This sucks because as a objective player you are moatly the only player in your team who works for the win. This is why we need League Play..