When the Babysitter Lets You Watch “It” – Dan Soder

January 2, 2021 52 Views

Dan Soder explains the difference between being raised by a single mom and a single dad, and remembers watching “It” with his babysitter.

Original airdate: May 3, 2013

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  1. Dan Soder is hilarious! He has a radio show with Big Jay Oakerson called the Bonfire on Sirius XM95. Comedy central has cancelled all original programming including the Bonfire. C'mon guys let's give these guys a platform to continue to entertain us with their hilarity and them also make a living in the process.

  2. Let's cancel The Bonfire and then put this up in case anyone doesn't already know what a greedy, hypocritical, scumbag company we are.

    Make sure you extract the money you can from talented comics so you can fund all the cheap unfunny garbage you broadcast over antiquated media.