manga collection 2020 // 405+ volumes!

January 7, 2021 29 Views

happy new year! the year is finally over~! I decided that it was time to do a manga collection video for 2020! hope you guys enjoy and won’t get too bored by the end of it (*/▽\*) I got a ton of packages this month too that I’ll be very excited to show in my next manga haul as well ~~

**a couple comments were so observant and kind and pointed out that I mixed up Seven Seas and Dark Horse in this video!! completely my fault, I put I am a Hero in the wrong place and that led me to clump them publishers together TT-TT sorry about the mistake!**

if you don’t see a series here, that I hauled previously, it means that I either gave it to my sister or I ended up reselling it due to either space/priority for other series! I end up needing to do this to save both space and money ρ(- ω -、)ヾ( ̄ω ̄; )

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0:00 intro
1:50 shelf #1
7:02 shelf #2
15:36 shelf #3
27:30 shelf #4
30:06 shelf #5
34:28 shelf #6
42:52 shelf #7
50:29 shelf #8
55:36 shelf #9
1:02:01 shelf #10
1:06:15 shelf #11
1:10:33 outro

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→ Ouran High School Host Club Box Set (Vol. 1-18):
→ Death Note (All-in-One Edition):
→ Tokyo Ghoul Complete Box Set (Vol. 1-14):
→ Tokyo Ghoul :re Complete Box Set (Vol. 1-16):
→ orange: The Complete Collection 1:
→ A Silent Voice Complete Series Box Set:
→ Rent-A-Girlfriend Vol. 1:
→ Toilet-bound Hanako-kun Vol. 1:
→ Spy X Family Vol. 1:

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  1. Starting to finally collect at 21 years old, I have read old school manga growing up but I genuinely want to put more into reading manga as a main focused hobby of mine. Bought the first 6 volumes of Horimiya can't wait for those to come in and 2 volumes after the Dragon ball super anime volumes too. Love your collection, I'm a freak for romance comedies so I can't wait to build on that! I also have a question, why is it that I don't see many collectors with Sailor Moon volumes, I'm a grown ass man but Sailor Moon is straight amazing idc, I was thinking of picking up the manga because I heard it was different from the anime and I watched the anime growing up with my cousins. Thank you for a great video and I just subscribed 🙂

  2. i currently have about 14 volumes of manga, but i really hope to get more in the future! i have 7 volumes of the fruits basket and my hero academia books so i hope i can complete the series and start collecting more!

  3. for anyone that will read this, i REALLY recommend daytime shooting star, it’s just amazing, my fave shoujo ever, also read and watch kamisama hajimemashita!!
    and for a shounen, pleaase give eyeshield21 more hype!! the manga is so so so good <3 it’s slept on way too much but is literally insane