Top 15 Xbox Game Pass Hidden Gems | 2021

January 17, 2021 63 Views

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For this week I focus on the Top 15 BEST Xbox Game Pass Hidden Gems available as of January 2021. Xbox Game Pass is seriously an amazing subscription-based service with a ton of great games, so I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Very disappointed Haven didn't make the list. I've never cared about a couple in a video game more than Haven because the writing and voice acting is phenomenal. Kay and Yu come across as extremely relatable.

  2. River City Girls was great! Love the art style and really enjoyable.
    Tried Call of the Sea but on the One S the ocean shader they use is just horrendous and it immediately put me off.
    Spiritfarer I found to be really buggy.
    One I'd recommend that isn't on the list here…. Unruly Heroes.

  3. Damn. Battlechasers:niightwar so underappreciated that even in the comment section of a video about underappreciated games it doesnt have many advocates.

    If you like old 90s jrpg's its a very strong suggest. One of the best of its kind in modern day.

    Also knights and bikes has all the charm, and night call has all the style.

    No all of my suggestions having "night" in the title wasnt intentional

  4. Hotshots racing looks nice but its drift and curve controls manage to be unlike mario kart, ridge racer or forza which are all very different from each other. You still can get by after getting acquainted, but after playing hundreds of arcadey racing games you kind of expect the controls to come a little more intuitively.