More Xbox Series X & S Enhanced Games | Which Ones Are Underrated?

January 12, 2021 16 Views

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More Xbox Series X & S Enhanced Games | Which Ones Are Underrated? I already listed 10 games to take advantage of the extra power of the new systems but what games do I think many gamers will overlook when it comes to what to play on your new Xbox Series consoles. These all deserve to be played and tried out plus the list also has diversity to appeal to a wide range of people so lets check out even more One Series X & S enhanced games.

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  1. Bright Memory 1.0 while it is short and merely just the opening prologue to the full game which releases later this year, was a game I really enjoyed. I found myself playing through it at least 20 or more times now. It's fun to pick up and play to do a couple speed runs to see how fast I can do it. I think with more polish and variation the game could be something special. The game is only $8 and if you're looking for something that you can pick up and play for 30 to 40 minutes at a time and have a lot of fun and you like FPS games, give it a try. You have 2 hours to decide if you like it or you can get a refund. Most people I've talked to though said they really enjoyed it and are looking forward to the main game.