Trevor Wallace Tripped on Salvia with His Frat Bros – Tales from the Trip

January 6, 2021 10 Views

Just because salvia is legal, doesn’t mean it’s right. @Trevor Wallace #TalesFromTheTrip

About Tales From the Trip:
Don’t have the time, money or connections to take drugs with comedians? Tales from the Trip is here to help. Go on an animated psychedelic journey with funny people as they recount their hilarious, scary and sometimes dangerous experiences with DMT, acid, shrooms, salvia, molly and more.

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  1. That shit started with the rollercoaster ascent feeling, a drop, and then paralyzed me and made me feel intense pain everywhere. I felt like I couldn't close my eyes because there were waterfalls of tears flowing too forcefully. 666/10 would not try again and that's why it's still legal.

  2. I did salvia and I thought I was a zipper notch, the zipper unzipped me. then I was falling down a tunnel into a fan. Welp, didn’t fall into a fan, it was just me swinging a newspaper in a plastic bag

  3. Also heroin wsn't even invented 1800s, but poppy opium aka laudanum was totally legal.. From that came morphin and to make less addictive BS Heroin was invented, as a medicine even for babies.. Just, USA drug laws make no sense to anybody who knows and understands these things..

  4. My most memorable trip, every time I opened my eyes, I watched the top of a Chinese take out box open up, a woman lean in and say You be quiet shh be quiet (I was giggling hardcore), and when I'd close them, the box top would close. Didnt have a zipper affect but more of a glued down one where I could see my skin stretching with the glue as I tried to peel myself off a giant billboard I was on instead of the bed I was actually laying atop for my 1st trip. Last one, I was a shirt, inside a dryer, and the kid didn't want to wear me to school even though his mom had bought me for his birthday, it was the saddest thing I'd ever felt.. so I never did Salvia again since was starting to go bad. Had a friend who said he watched everyone's heads swell and explode due to 'pressure' building up in the room during his while we trip sat, we failed cause he ran outside so fast before we could catch him, almost got hit by a car. Ahhh the good times of the early 2000s for me.

  5. Also don't take salvia just because it's legal. It's active on a microgram level like lsd so really f-ing potent. It's also a k-opioid antagonist so really uncomfortable unlike classical psychedelics which are basically serotonin antagonists

  6. you’re not supposed to SMOKE salvia. dont hate it on cause you disrespected it with fire or cause you cant handle it.
    its legal because its safe enough it could never kill you and you could do it while pregnant.