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Black Clover Anime has just gone through a TIME SKIP and Buff Asta BLEW EVERYONE’S MIND with how amazing he became! We break down everything that lead to the latest Black Clover Episode 158. Yes Completely explaining and summarizing Black Clover episode 141 to Black Clover Episode 157. We Compare the Black Clover Anime with Black Clover Manga and point out things that you might have missed out!

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  1. Asta has another devil besides Liebe. Remember, Asta's mom sealed Liebe in the five leaf grimoire, right? But it was ALREADY a five leaf grimoire which means a demon had to reside in it already. Also, if you've noticed it, he has 2 sets of horns, while every other devil shown has 1. So Asta has another devil that has yet to be revealed

  2. I realize that you talked about Asta may have an angel form, which I agree but what if the angels were actually the elves kinda make sense given that they have a ridiculous amount of mana compared to the people from the kingdoms that aren't demons, but we have seen that they were just taken over by a demon and they were genuinely good people that didn't want to cause harm, and they thought that there clan was murdered by humans. Also when we see Licht fight with the demon slayer sword, it turned white and bright just like an angel. Also it was Licht's grimoire before and the names Demon Slayer and Demon Destroyer for the swords kinda signifies that Licht's swords were mad to fight with demons, just like an angel. So maybe since it was Licht's grimoire, but the only difference is a demon is in it now. Asta may unlock some type of hidden power that Licht had or as we've seen in Naruto erase the Demon's hatred and since he maybe a fallen angel, gain his other wing and use his newly unlocked powers to his full potential… Anyways I was just thinking about all this while I should be doing my school work, but just let me know if you see this and my theory checks out…

  3. The Devil believer arc was a very mixed bag for me. There were things I liked and then some things that I found just meh. Also people hyping up the Spade Kingdom arc didn't help, because I was just waiting for the "good shit" to start. And OP 12 was also meh in my opinion, so that didn't help either. I was anime only up until episode 158, but after then I couldn't wait any more and caught up with the manga. I really loved the magic knights' captains fight tho