Xbox Series X Review (After 2 Months of Use)

January 20, 2021 21 Views

Microsoft has launched the Xbox Series X and Series S in India and we have spent about 2 months gaming on the Xbox Series X. The Series X is priced at Rs 49,999 and is available online and offline. Due to high demand, the console is out of stock. The Series X boasts of a 12 teraflop GPU along with support for Ray-Tracing and has a 1TB SSD of which 802GB is available to the user.

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  1. Aye. Alan Wake was such a special game for me. Glad someone caught up with it. Also, considering the new consoles support higher hz and most tvs are capped at 50 to 60 fps.

    Can you make a top 5 tv/monitor list for new consoles that doesn't compromise on color/brightness accuracy.

  2. I just want to know if I buy month pack of Xbox game pass and download few games , do I have to complete those games within a month or I can play them even after my gamepass month is over , please help me with this query ?

  3. isnt gam pass also there on xbox one and pc, so like how is it a series x specific feature?
    also it might make sense to subscribe when there are enough exclusives on the platform, rather then immediately. for example, if it takes 2023 for all exclusives to come, then you have to pay Rs 10,000 for 3 years each =Rs 30000 to play all those exclusives. instead if you can wait till 2023 then you can play all the 100 games + the exclusives for only Rs 10000

  4. It is a shame that the hype of the ps5 overshadowed the terribly underrated features of the series x. This thing is a beast. Having multiple games open and jumping between them is unbelievable. Gamepass has me playing an unhealthy amount of different games.

  5. If you are doing a comparison between xbox series X and playstation 5 please do consider the life span of both the console, which one is more value for money and the internet consumption also because in india all of the citys are covered with a good internet connection.

  6. Everything said in the video is a fact but there are also some hidden which I would like to shed light upon. It is true that the game prices have been increased and are now 4-5k. So let us take the example of Spiderman miles Morales. That games ultimate edition costs 5k. It is true that I will spend 5k to get that game but it is also true that after completing that game I wouldn't just keep it in my collection I will sell that for 3500 and get the next sony exclusive game. So you cannot say that once the amount of 5k is spent nothing can be done. You can do this method of reinvestment for each and every game. Finish the name campaign and the side missions sell the game and get another game with the selling price. That's how you can get exclusives and play them and get another exclusive within that 5k price

  7. It's a great console, it just needs exclusive games to differentiate itself from the PS5. You can't survive on multiplats and Gamepass alone. As of right now I've been playing the PS5 much more.

  8. Greetings from Canada, I stumbled on this review by accident and I have to give you applause ? for a very honest and informative review. I own both consoles and everything you said is 100$ accurate.

  9. I have a Ps5 and series x and gamepass is amazing but I couldn’t live without ps exclusives I had no idea how good these PlayStation first party exclusives are u cant call yourself a gamer until you’ve played uncharted god of war ghost of Tsushima last of us horizon blood borne and so much more.

  10. The only thing about XBox is good is Game Pass & Backwards Compatibility. Nothing is compelling to get get it instead of PS5 , the free games are you talking about can be played on PC so, 1) You Missout on 26 A-Class Exclusives which Microsoft can't even imagine to produce 2) You won't get any PS Exclusive games as far as 2028 , where you can play GamePass on PC
    (PS – PSPlusCollection Contains 20 Best Games of the decade + PSNow + PS Plus Free Games)
    In India , if you have atleast 1060 PC , you won't need XBox.