It's been one year since the first Covid-19 case in the U.S. — Here's what we've learned

January 21, 2021 10 Views

President Joe Biden released the details of his Covid-19 response plan, including 10 executive orders and his intent to use the Defense Production Act. CNBC’s Meg Tirrell breaks down what the administration plans to do going forward to tackle the pandemic one year after it first began. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  1. if anybody's wondering about likes/dislikes, it's because emotionally agitated people are more likely to give feedback. Same reason an angry customer is more likely to leave a bad review than a happy customer will leave a good review. In this context, butthurt trumpers be venting lmao while everyone else is just sitting back in relief.

    I would love for someone to explain to me..
    If you have a TWO PARTY SYSTEM and all they do is blame each other while never taking responsibility, then HOW, is it possible, to resolve any issue this country faces, or make a difference by voting?
    I understand that people will justify the government's actions as a whole, by blaming one of the two individual parties… I understand, that people don't want to admit or accept, that the establishment in which they trusted, might be swindling them, but at some point, we probably should…

    If you doubt what I'm saying, please explain to me how someone can make a difference voting Republican or Democrat.

    If you doubt what I'm saying, please just tell me one issue that's ever been resolved, in the history of our history and don't worry, I'll wait.

  3. Did you know fabric mask will not protect your from a virus. ONLY a N95 mask can block a virus and even then you would need lots of other things like gloves, goggles etc. You can research it. Also why oh why aren't these cases going down when we have been wearing mask for a year? Use your brains people. Don't trust "FACT CHECKERS"

  4. Biggest lesson—when not sure, error on side of caution. If not enough data to know if masks work or not, don't be arrogant and tell people it does not work only to back track and eat your words later when nobody believes you.

    The advise to not wear masks early on will rank up there along with blood letting and use of arsenic as the worst medical advice ever.

  5. "What we've learned about this pandemic." You mean the false narrative you have created to make it a pandemic. I don't know maybe you believe what you're saying. I believe the media has evolved from good investigative journalists to a member of the front office having his hand jammed up your ass and moving your lips.

  6. It's been 11 months since they said we need to lockdown for 2 weeks to "Flatten the Curve" Im convinced now that its not a curve but rather a circle.

    Does anyone know the definition for the word Insanity?

    God Bless Florida. The last Free State in America !!

  7. 14 days to slow the spread.don’t wear masks only doctors and nurses should be wearing masks .oh now you must wear mask in your house …..there is no way they can make a safe vaccine .is takes 4 years of thorough trail and testing…done in 9 month’s perfectly safe and tested ?????