In the Army Now [Full Movie] (1994, PG, Comedy/War)

May 28, 2018 44 Views

Two misguided youths join the reserves to make some money for their entrepreneurial dreams. No sooner than they finish basic training are they called up to do their part to save the free world.

Pauly Shore – Private First Class Bones Conway
Andy Dick – Private Jack Kaufman
Lori Petty – Private Christine Jones
David Alan Grier – Private Fred Ostroff
Esai Morales – Staff Sergeant Stern
Lynn Whitfield – Drill Sergeant Ladd
Art LaFleur – First Sergeant Brandon T. Williams
Fabiana Udenio – Gabriella
Glenn Morshower – Recruiting Sergeant Richard Day
Beau Billingslea – Sergeant Daniels
Peter Spellos – Mr. Quinn
Brendan Fraser (uncredited) – Link
Saul Owens (uncredited)


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  1. I was in the U.S. military, and boot camp we had a couple of goobers like these guys. They didn't stay goobers for long(blanket parties, etc). Straightened them right out! Sometimes "peer pressure " is called for. Lol Thank you to all Veterans and supporters from all countries around the world. 🦅🌎⚓