Alice in Borderland Netflix Series Review & Ending Explained

December 16, 2020 45 Views

Alice In Borderland Netflix Ending Explained & Review & Season 2 Discussion Alice In Borderland Season 2

Alice in Borderland tells the story of Arisu, an unemployed young man obsessed with video games and prone to causing trouble with his friends.

One day, they find themselves transported to a strangely empty version of Tokyo, where they must compete in deadly games in order to survive.

It isn’t long before Arisu teams up with Usagi, a young woman who has been navigating this frightening world on her own, to unravel the mystery they have become trapped in.

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  1. my thoughts about the ending. (manga spoilers ahead)

    it was pretty good, but it did some things differently than the manga, which could lead to complications down the line. first I wonder how they'll handle the agni and niiragi situation, since both have pretty important roles later on, which require agni to be in top condition and niiragi to be alive (obviously). it also irritated me, that they revealed mira's position as the queen of hearts, while not showing the others, since there were originally only silhouettes of the 4 face cards (queen of hearts and the kings of club, diamond and spade) and arisu decides to clear the king of clubs based on this.

  2. the one thing, that kinda irks me about this show is how they deviated from the manga, leaving out some pretty cool scenes and characters, going as far as to change the backgfround of arisu chouta and karube and even swapping the first game for one that doesn't even appear in the manga. this however could be explained since the first game in the manga would've probably been pretty difficult to translate into real life. they also slightly altered the game of tag and in my opinion the 7 of hearts game is way more heart wrenching in the manga

  3. Um… did I miss the part where you explained the ending? Because it seemed like you just described what happened, without even guessing at an explanation. That is literally the title of the video! This needs to be renamed 'summary' NOT 'explained'!

  4. I couldn't watch this subbed and the dub put me off at first, but because I really love the manga I put through it, they did pretty decent job in my opinion, they did change few things but over all they did give it justice. The whole killing thing at the end was just Agoni going nuts because of his grief and anger towards everyone in the beach which is understandable IMO. And Dōri Sakurada was amazing as Niragi ( Kyaaa I love him so much)

  5. The flash backs in the 10 of hearts ep got too much fast. Hey show.. I'm not attached to half of them you show me flash backs too.. then more then half die anyway. I got to the point where I wanted to watch the so without ALL the flash backs!

  6. The parallels between Borderland and Wonderland are fun to spot. There were a few that jumped out at me.
    The name Arisu is the Japanese version of the name Alice
    Usagi is the White Rabbit: she leads Arisu deeper into the world (she even has a moment with a real rabbit–before snapping its neck for food)
    Chishiya is the Cheshire Cat (in Wonderland the cat is detached and offers mysterious advice to Alice)
    Hatter is of course the Mad Hatter
    Momoka and Asahi are TweedleDee and TweedleDum
    Kano Mira is revealed to be the Queen of Hearts in the final episode

  7. I wonder if Aguni is a stupidly non-credible and illogical character in the Manga too:

    – Ready to sacrifice his comrade to kill a tagger.

    – Was about to rape Usagi if his best friend/boss Hatter didn't stop him.

    – Shows a nonsensical conscience trying to stop his best friend/boss from killing people and contain his most ballistic soldiers.


  8. What I didn't like about some of the games what was that some games were impossible for everyone to live. Unless it was a versus game like the building challenge, it would have been cool to be able to figure out that there was a way for everyone to live in each game. it would have been compelling to know that death and certain situations could have been entirely avoidable. The fox and sheep game really ruined the complexity for me