NEW POWERS FOR VEGETA? Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 68 REVIEW

January 20, 2021 65 Views

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Dragon Ball Super Manga CHAPTER 68 – Granolah The Survivor… – With the #DragonBallSuper anime waiting to make its mind up, we have the manga to look into and we are reviewing it! The start of a brand new #DragonBall arc! Granolah and his friend Oatmil are setting about their new life after getting 7-3…however, the idea that Freeza is back and causing trouble for other worlds is something this survivor will not stand for. Will this mean problems for the Dragon Team?! #DragonBallZ

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00:00 Introduction
02:49 Chapter 68
9:55 Analysis

NEW POWERS FOR VEGETA? Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 68 REVIEW

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  1. Yknow, I just realized. Are they letting Frieza roam free on the grounds that he leaves the Earth alone? Because he's still actively going to war and enslaving planets and junk ain't he? Are Goku and Vegeta just giving him a free pass so long as he doesn't bother them?

  2. Granola: I've finally found you Frieza!

    Frieza: 302.

    Granola: Now, I can finally avenge my people!

    Frieza: Uh… 564.

    Granola: PREPARE TO DI- Okay what are you doing?

    Frieza: Oh don't mind me, it's just a little hobby of mine. I've heard these heroic speeches so much that I started to count them.

  3. Frieza: Oh? A survivor? Oh yes, from the last mission of the saiyan race. It seems all of the things happening to me right now exist because of them. No wonder those apes are still alive right now.

    Granolah: (saiyan…apes…alive) Where are they now? Tell me!

    I can see Frieza pointing Granolah to the Saiyans in someway. Manipulating Granolahs emotions to redirect his anger from Frieza to the Saiyans.

    I can think Granolah going directly to Frieza, defeated by Frieza but spares him after realizing that he can use him to disturb the Saiyans.

    I'm interested to see the introduction of this strongest fighter in the universe. I can see it not to be Granolah, but will be tied to the 'space pirates' search.

    (or a "meditating" universe 7 Jiren? No? Okay)

  4. I absolutely love that Vegeta and Goku are really starting to differentiate their power sets and training, each one now has their own mentor/trainer and their own separate goal. It reminds me of classic Turtle School vs Crane School dragonball in the best way.

  5. Okay so here is what I can say about the balance of power.
    How I think the balance is this. Beerus was hinted at the destination of Planet Vegeta which Granola has PTSD of his planets raid or even destruction because the Sayians where under Friezas Army. So it probably will be a "Seek the Truth" feel Granola probably will go after Frieza which in return Frieza will tell him he was ordered by Beerus is some way to do the things he made the Sayians do. Then Frieza hints at Goku and Vegeta being on Beerus side so Granola will become stronger under Frieza being used like Broly but then thats where Broly comes into the mix. Broly as a new nutural friend to Goku and Vegeta he might talk to Granola. We at that moment no matter where everyone's at they will all be together and the struggle of Balance becomes to a point. Either Beerus will end up being the bad guy in the end and maybe he gets removed and then a new GoD needs to be appointed. The Balance is probably Beerus and someone probably will challenge him.

  6. something tells me Broly is comming back in the story

    somethig that still bothers me a little of Toyotaro is that he is still using a weekly format of clifthanger on Super instead of a Monthly one, the series would feel better phased if he adopted one

  7. Great video but I will say that Goku really doesn't need to be afraid of needles because it was never shown in the manga only in the anime that he was afraid of needles and they only did that as a little joke reference of when Jackie Chan was scared of needles since Goku does borrow from Jackie's personality

  8. I theorized UI might have levels like SS obviously does! Such as (hit read more):
    ◾Ultra Instinct Omen
    ◽Ultra Instinct
    ◾Mastered Ultra Instinct
    ◽Ultra Instinct 2
    ◾Ultra Instinct 3
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