President Joe Biden: If we wear masks until April, we can save 50K lives

January 21, 2021 53 Views

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  1. There’s a video that shows the troops TURNING THEIR BACKS TO THE NEW FAKE PRESIDENT motorcade.

    Now after the horse and pony show, they kicked the troops out of the Capitol and forced them to sleep in a garage.

    How long do you think it will be before Joke Biden drags us into war? We were energy independent, but the idiot shut that down- that means we will be forced to rely on other countries- his plan all along for his friends in the swamp. How does Washington spell money? W-A-R!

  2. Joe Biden calls thousands of military in to protect his fraudulent inauguration. Placing them in a parking garage with concrete floors in the middle of winter. Joe Biden only cares about Joe Biden. 5000 troops had to share 1 bathroom with two stalls. What a disgrace to our nation.

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