Xbox Targeting 'BIG NAME' Studios | New Xbox Series X UNANNOUNCED Exclusives 2021

January 20, 2021 61 Views

According to an Industry Insider, Xbox is currently looking at some BIG NAME studios for potential buyouts alongside Google & Amazon and Xbox Series X might have some more unannounced exclusives for 2021

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  1. One of the Forza's has to come out this year. In terms of schedule, Motorsport hasn't had a new title in over 3 years and that had no major track of manufacturer expansions (they did continue to work on improving the game for a long time). I'm hoping we see some part of it this year, with additions over time. Also Horizon just spent the time to upgrade 4 for the Series consoles, which must have slowed down their dev team, but certainly their due as well, given their historic schedule.

  2. They should first let games come out of the studios they have aquired through 2018-2020 and then focus on Buying more studios
    There focus right now shouldn't be buying studios it should be MAKING GAMES
    Because at this rate they are gonna keep buying studios which are gonna release games after years I mean I am okey with that because I know great games takes times But because of this reason xbox has 23 studios to not keep fans waiting
    And yet here we are and Just a reminder No xbox exclusive is confirmed for 2021 from a xbox studio that xbox bought in 2018-2020
    I am gonna be really REALLY happy if Something like Hellblade 2 or Starfield comes in 2021 if that Happens i will be the most happiest person on Planet Earth

  3. PS has gone about this much smarter than any other platform tho. Not only have they perfected the exclusive market. They continue to please their player base and all they are doing is growing on that market and continueing their hood work. Xbox on the other hand is sitting on a fat amount of "Promises", as in everything is speculation. Not only have they not confirmed a single thing that is hypeing them up right now, we don't even know half of what people are hoping for is true.

  4. Lmao if ya know ya rubbish then SPEND BIG ?? suppose they can get off third spot if they really tried NOT – xbox is a fat let down and my boys is still being fixed for overheating- when all he did was turn it on, pile of CRAP CONSOLE

  5. The payment system of stadia is never going to work. Nobody pays 70 dollar for one game to stream when you can have the same game with 100+ for 15 dollar a month. So google is out unless they change the whole payment system and Amazon has 1/4 of the profit from Microsoft so the future seems really good for Xbox

  6. At least MS is still releasing their games on PC. I would not be so sure about Google and Amazon…

    Also, I laughed when people speculated whether MS will acquire someone last year. Of course, they will, but they will not do a thing until their Zenimax acquisition is approved. They don't want to screw it up. Same reason why they keep reassuring everyone that Bethesda games will be multiplat, maybe. Once that deal goes through, their tone will change, and they will be more bullish, knowing Phil.

  7. Hey Randal, love the channel. Any news on the headset controller problems getting fixed? I just got series X and tried to play Jedi Fallen Order with my LucidSound headset and there was static and wavey sounds so loud that it was unplayable. This seems to be common with the new controllers.
    Any info would be cool bro 🙂 Cheers

  8. This is just going to lead to the average gamer needing to own 4+ systems to play all the games we want to play. While the exclusives are necessary for these companies to sell system units, they are horrible for the consumer base and they also lead to a lot of toxic division in the gaming universe. Just look at the Microsoft/Sony constant bickering amongst die hards in each camp ??‍♂️

  9. And as always the studios that they acquire the games that those Studios will make for Microsoft will also go to other platforms how are Xbox fans supposed be excited for the studios to make games for Xbox if they don't know if it's going to go to PlayStation 5

  10. What bugs me is he doesn’t even try. He doesn’t even tryyyy ? ?. It’s almost like he try’s not to try.

    Sorry man I can’t stand your lisp. I’m out.

    For the sake of your channel, please try to not make it sound so much like you don’t care. Because you know it’s a bit annoying. A bit enough for me not to subscribe and even to continue watching the rest of this vid.