MAJOR Sony PS5 Patent LEAK! This TRUE Next Gen Feature is a GAME CHANGER for PlayStation 5 Gamers!

January 12, 2021 45 Views

MAJOR Sony PS5 Patent LEAK! This TRUE Next Gen Feature is a GAME CHANGER for PlayStation 5 Gamers!

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  1. I wonder if those that bring the hints or tips get accolades from PSN, like their new badge system, this is great nonetheless!!

    Damn PS5 still wreckin the xsx on the best game version. Guess we gotta keep waiting on them "tOoLs".

  2. Yo I don't mean to be an ass and I rock PS5 mainly (for now anyway) but that's kinda misleading isn't it? If PS5 resolution only gets 1200p for 60 but Series X can get up to 2160p, I can't find where they say Series X's lowest resolution's at, or how often it's there.

    Anyway tho, DF, VG Tech, NX Gamer etc.'ll prob test that to see what's what.

  3. Yes I would use but like with everything there will allway those who try to poil it I don't think trolls probably want last long on there . I have a PS5 already and I can't wait to see what they do next. I just wish I could say the same about Xbox.

  4. Jim Ryan spent more time on diversity than he did video games. It's quite clear Silicone Valley is leading the Sony Corporation and that does not bode well. There is a reason Japan is buying Nintendo instead of PlayStation. What a shame they are going in this direction

  5. I can see the patent feature being pretty popular, but not something I would use. At least Sony is trying to make games easier for their fanbase ?

    I’m no businessman, but I would imagine the PS4/PS5 would have sold just as well with 0 TV adverts. I think online adverts, banner adverts in professional sports is the way to go, or just let retailers do the adverts for you.

  6. I can't believe how so many people are fucking stupid to buy digital games what don't these people like owning what they purchased the fact you can loose access to digital games at any given moment for literally dozens of different reasons with out prior warnings you can stick digital games when I buy my games I own them I'm not just licensed to gain access which is all a digital games is

  7. This is worthless information.. N as for the the ps5 outperforming the series x.. Its obvious that you have no idea how dev kits work n the time span between both Sony and Microsoft dev kits.. N no im not a Xbox or ps5 fan.. Im just stating the fact that you like many other misinformed individuals don't have any knowledge of any technical or actual facts.. So get educated and stop reading magazines and learn how to distinguish between facts and non facts.. N judging by what ur saying in this video ur not neutral ur just mentioning sales in the U.K WHICH IS IRRELEVANT…

  8. Half my games are digital, if they are on sale I'll go digital. Only the highly anticipated AAA games I'll get physical special editions/steel boxes. Physical should never go away, it's got its place. Kinda like vinyl records, well never go away but you only get your favorite albums on it

  9. It's real funny that every factual statement ma boy Salty made in the video the likes of Mr.BoomFraud and RDX will never put in their podcast because they want to convince people that the Xbox series X/s is doing better than it actually is.Take BoomFraud for example this guy had the nerve to had a 40 minutes discussion about how bad the ps5 is doing in Japan when the xs/s is doing waay worst than ps5 SMFH and this is where Xbox got a chance to overtake Sony.Even Xcloud is not doing that great in Japan either.Sup Salty??