How To Beat Every DEATH GAME In "Alice In Borderland"

December 15, 2020 53 Views

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  1. Well, the theme park is gonna be hard to play in. The manga explains that the theme park is a Spades game, which the game rules are:
    Get to the exit before the time limit, Game Clear
    Get killed by the mascots, Game Over
    (each mascot has a crossbow)

  2. If I remember correctly, the playing cards have no value at all, as Hatter lied about getting all the cards that will guaranteed an escape from the Borderlands.

    Also, there are some games that probihit on bringing certain items to the venue. An example of this is the Jack of Hearts game, where the venue will not permit access if you have any reflective items or liquids.

  3. I have an idea: for a challenge 4 players enter a old broken down German theater, with strange chalk outlines of what look like firearms on the walls. as well as multiple windows boarded up with several wooden planks. there are 2 doors but a sign on each says they need to earn 750 points to open them. they are confused as to how to earn points until they see 4 handguns 4 knifes and 4 strange watches laying on the table along with multiple magazines, upon picking them up a odd noise plays and they hear banging, they watch in horror as a humanoid creature starts tearing down the boards on one of the windows. one player shoots it out of fear, and his watch notifies him he has earned 10 points, he keeps shooting the thing until it dies. more of them start breaking the barriers on other windows, a player decides to save ammo and reaches through a gap in between the planks and stabs one, his watch indicates he has earned 130 points, 30 more points than the trigger happy one at the start earned. then the gamer realizes why everything looked so familiar. this wasn't just a challenge…it was a video game.