ABC News Live Update: Biden gets to work on fighting COVID-19

January 21, 2021 11 Views

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  1. Wait is that the same Kamala Harris that was collecting money a few months ago to take out of jail the members of Black Life Mattress when they were burning down the cities across US?…..Lovely ???????

  2. Look at this goon behind the resolute desk wearing a mask,this is an illegitimate president,the country knows and the whole world knows it.Biden will never be my president,Cheaters get zero respect.

  3. if anybody's wondering about likes/dislikes, it's because emotionally agitated people are more likely to give feedback. Same reason an angry customer is more likely to leave a bad review than a happy customer will leave a good review. In this context, butthurt trumpers be venting lmao while everyone else is just sitting back in relief.

  4. The demented creep had DC under martial law! 30 thousand military soldiers, fully armed ready to shoot any American who dared to get anywhere near DC! I was not allowed to go to work in Georgetown, which is on the outskirts of DC even after my car was sniffed by bomb sniffing dogs! This happened today, even though the inauguration was yesterday! AND THEY CALLED TRUMP A FASCIST DICTATOR!

  5. This government is all about “firsts” now I guess. “OMG it’s the first women Vice President” and “OMG first black Vice President” like can we actually know about who the person is and what they’ve done in life and their character not just the color of there skin or their gender. Like why does it matter what color your skin is or what gender u are like we are all people made by God and we all our lives are equally important. And also this country got equal rights a long time ago.