Xbox Series X: One Month Later – Things To Know before Buying…

December 31, 2020 11 Views

It’s been over a month since I been playing the Xbox Series X. How was my experience one month later.

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  1. I’ve had so many problems with my series X . From games crashing to my Xbox completely unsyncing with everything ( controller , headset , and external hardrive ) which is weird cause my external is plugged in to the Xbox . 🤦‍♂️

  2. The UI won't be a disappointment to me coming from the XOne because I like it. I prefer the UI to stay the same the way it is. I don't understand why they need to change the UI every generation. Plus, Phil said Xbox is done with generations. So this is basically another iteration of XBOX ONE. This trend will continue.

  3. Im new to xbox series x, I came from PS4. The game pass is freaking awesome, loading speed is great however as a father of 5 whose kids also play the xbox, the family settings are annoy af. Also the lack of fan noise is so refreshing as opposed to the PS4 jet engine.

  4. I think it's awesome, that quick resume works for disc-based games too. I thought this was a digital-only feature. That was a pleasant surprise. As far as wifi 5 — I'll just plug it into my router if the wireless connection gets slow lol 🙂

  5. is this a good choice of a console for someone who hasn't had any of the last gen consoles? (outside nintendo stuff) been thinking of getting a new console this year since there is a lot of games i wanna play that i just couldn't play (and some i know i'll enjoy more on other consoles like the witcher), i'm interested in the exclusives of playstation 4/5 but the backwards compatibility of the xboxs x/s (mostly 360 and one games)

  6. Check out Eneloop rechargeable batteries, they have high capacity AA lithium batteries that to my experience last forever in battery terms. My last 4 gave me 8 years! of high use. Downside is they are Pricey and I have noticed the new "current" batch of batteries seem to run out faster than my old ones. But I do get a steady 10 hour session before I have to consider swapping in the second pair. Also Game pass is king for the type of gamer that likes to play a little bit of everything, PS exclusives still have the best single player experiences you can find in gaming. But Xbox game pass has crazy value, seriously I save a ton of money and play bunch of games because of it, also handy if you got kids. I think this generation is going to be interesting PS5 will have it's exclusive line up as strong as ever but Microsoft did acquire an absolute ton of studios over the last 4 years so we shall see if they came to party. Take care

  7. id rather use a charger because they last longer than battery life. id rather pay 6.00 for a charger that will last until it breaks than pay 25.00 for a battery pack or pay 10.00 for a decent pack of batteries

  8. I kid y'all not I think Microsoft took my idea for its Xbox series x name.. Instead of Xbox Nexus X Microsoft replaced Nexus with Series which is technically the same word… My idea for the name came from the fact that this new Xbox would be backwards compatible with with its past features combined into one box so it made since to call it Xbox Nexus. May be it was a lucky guess

  9. I'm top race PC. But when you say faster ssd is better than processor (lol) typical console mind set. (4k) or picture quality can be played from HDD so the old spinning disk hard drive and processor is going to determine your actual rendering. The bottleneck is not solid state drive speed.

    Buys old Honda car to race with. Thinls he's sure to win against any car with "regular" gas because he puts "premium" gas in his P.O.S