Big PlayStation Store Sale Kicks Off And Confusion Hits Xbox Game Pass | News Wave

January 21, 2021 17 Views

The first big sale of the year is now live for Sony on the PlayStation Network with a bunch of games marked down below 20 dollars. Yesterday randomly Fall Guys was seemingly confirmed for Xbox Game Pass by one of Microsoft’s official accounts causing confusion online.

News Wave edited by: @KimerexProjekt

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00:00 – Start

00:45 – Kingdoms Of Amalur Release Info

2:03 – GameStop Getting Next Gen Bundles

3:21 – Team Ninja Talks Ninja Gaiden

4:51 – PSN Under 20$ Sale

7:18 – Fall Guys Dispute Game Pass Claims

10:00 – Takaya Imomura Retires From Nintendo

12:22 – Special Gold DualSense Controllers

14:18 – Comment Of The Day

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  1. You should mention most things from a GameStop bundle can be returned for a full refund. I know from experience downloadable content can not but I think everything else can. I did it with a PS5 bundle at launch

  2. Hey wassup Jon(SW).

    Kingdom of Amalur all on the Cart is great too see.

    Nice too see GameStop is getting system Bundles in, let's hope the Sclapers don't have a field day n snap them up.

    More Ninja Gaiden games on every Platform would be great stuff for the Franchise.

    Tons of Bargains too Pick Up on the PSN Sales guys.

    FallGuys on the Switch and Xbox would be fantastic stuff ?.

    Takaya Inomura-san Retiring after 30+ Years of working with Nintendo is really outstanding stuff and I wish him well in his Retirement.

    Those Special Gold Edition DualSense Controllers are very cool.

    Really great Comment, Demo's can be really important, imagine if we had a Demo for Cyberpunk 2077 lol.

  3. I actually got some of the metallic blue plastic covers for dualsense controller last today. Thought ordered a single one but they sent me 2 anyways. It looks ok but color shown on listings not very accurate.

  4. I’ll never buy from a scalpers, ?
    I knew how it felt when I missed PS5 pre orders I was like ????
    but how will you handles if the console A defect???
    You think scalpers has refund or return policy..
    ? I don’t think so!!

  5. A lot of PS5 lotteries are opening up in Japan this week and last week. It looks like Sony is wanting to get our annual bonus money that is usually paid out in January. It also lines up with how the PS4 was delayed until February 2014 here.

    Disc to digital still appears to be a 4:1 ratio as well.

  6. Don't play Yakuza 0 as your first Yakuza game, it spoils the plots of Yakuza 1 and 4 and has spoilers for 2, 3, and 5 in substories. We're at a point where you can play Kiwami (the remake of Yakuza 1), Kiwami 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 all on PS4, Xbox, and PC, so there's no reason to start with 0 at this point when you can just play the games in release order instead all on modern systems.

  7. Microsoft getting support in Japan is easy,stop being so damn prudush and fill in the hole Sony left behind by no longer allowing fanservicey or porngames on their consoles.I mean the switch has porn games now like wtf.

  8. Im a fan of anything gaming. I play on Xbox mostly but I love if Nintendo or PlayStation get good deals too. We should all be able to enjoy as many games as possible at the cheapest as possible. If nothing can rival Gamepass, then Microsoft will get greedy and raise the price of it. So cmon Nintendo or Playstation and make something to scare Gamepass so that we ALL win!!! I kbow PlayStation has something similar, but its more so a streaming service like Xcloud, not really like Gamepass. But I think with Sony using Microsoft Azure servers, they can make something to rival Gamepass.

  9. PS5 humour has reached eBay!!! 'PS5 Console – Photo Only' £100'!!! and 'PS5 White Signed Drawing' £5!!! They're clearly having a laugh at the expense of anyone who purchased a PS5 empty box at full price or worse…

  10. Don't know if anyone mentioned it yet but dead rising triple pack(dead rising 1, dead rising 2, and dead rising 2 off the record)is cheap at like 14.99 or 19.99, evil within 2 at 14.99 or 15.99 I belive, and evil within 1 at like 7.99 which is the same price as darkwood or just get darkwood special edition for like 5 to 7 dollars more and get the soundtracks, background, and a bit other stuff.
    Don't know if this helps anyone or if anyone reads my message but theae are what I found and what I liked as I took away what these deals are giving so far.