Romantic Comedy Movies 2019 – Best Romantic Comedy Movies Full Length English

April 30, 2019 11 Views

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  1. My brain cells died first 20 minutes no need to watch the rest… kind of belittling towards women portraying them in poor taste…be warned before you waste your time watching. Cheap…



  3. Her line. She says," You shut up". Lol plus deep, wrote it down libe. Lol Anyhow, the som of the mobster after him could get lose. Rjose ropes look lose. They should have not walked away, but watched him with gun on him till FBI got there. I am sure that is protocol. They did not show for sure he got picked up plus what of the mother ? She has money & if still free she could hire herm9b friends, they are like family supposedly. Anyhow, strange Christmas film, but funny.