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After Catching Up With Attack on Titan Manga Chapters 133 – 135 & Knowing The Series Has Less Than 1% Till It Ends Here’s How I See It All Playing Out! Eren’s Final Encounter With Mikasa & Armin! Levi’s Final Battle Vs Zeke The Beast Titan & The Fait of Humanity After The Rumbling Leading Into AOT Chapter 136 & Beyond!



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  1. I think Armin in the paths and Mikasa deciding on whether to kill Eren or save him will decide the ending of the story.

    Three more chapters with Armin master plan coming with Mikasa deciding Eren's fate.

  2. I think Mikasa have done nothing so far therefore she’s going to get in the path where all Aldians are connected together and do you guys remember that Eren was in the formation of kid? (Just like Ymir) so Mikasa will convince him and hug him then will say “you’re free” and show him what freedom really is…?

  3. Do you guys recall the panel that got leaked of someone holding their child….?
    So far from what I’ve read especially chp.136 there’s a chance mikasa could possibly die while trying to stop eren (there’s a panel that shows her technically with wings even though its falcos, this could be foreshadowing ) her death would most likely be the cause of him stopping the rumbling (The wings of freedom and the savior (Mikasa)
    There’s also the panels in the very beginning (to you in 2000 years…) and how it shows mikasa as a child saying “see you later eren” and he wakes up with tears questioning her why her hair has gotten long.
    My theory is that the child in that panel (most likely erens future child) was named after mikasa or even maybe is the reincarnation of her that is why he tells her “You are free…” considering how he implied to her as a slave before…
    Mikasa was set to take the biggest part in the ending since the beginning..

  4. Why do I have a feeling that Mikasa will kill Eren? Remember the OVA? she killed that guy what it was actually Eren? And that guy says that no matter what reality Mikasa is Eren will eventually die…so maybe

  5. Mikasa killing eren is the worst ending possible how do you people support this I don't care about anyone trying to argue, after a traumatizing show the best thing they can do is a happy ending

  6. Before chapter 136 I thought that Attack on Titan will end with most of the world getting destroyed and the last few pages will be set a few years after talking about the time "The devil walked the earth" and the last few surviving humans built a new society together after everythig was nearly destroyed and people now live in harmony.

    After chapter 136 I see somebody killing the creature that gave Ymir Fritz her titan powers which ends up killing all titan shifters in the world and makes the eldians no longer able to become titans…but things aren't really right in this new society. The marleyans still hate the eldians cause if it wouldn't have been for them such a catastrophy could never have happened. Before the founding titan was killed many eldians and marleyans died in a firefight. In this new world there is still a battle going on, there just are no titans anymore. It will be a "History repeats itself" ending.