Brand New Xbox Game Studios Games Trailer | Leaked Franchises coming to Xbox Series X | S Consoles

January 21, 2021 7 Views

Xbox Game Studios has been established since 2018, and growing steadily into the Xbox Series Generation with more games, more studios and more new IPs and returning favorites to bolster the Xbox platform with some 20 games exclusive each and every year for the long road ahead for Xbox Series S and X. With some of the world’s best talent and industry creators leading these studios, Xbox has more to offer than ever before!


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  1. "Thousands of games" imagine how pissed the ponies got at that 🤣
    ps5 literally has no next gen titles atm only a old ass remake and cross gen games 🤣
    Meanwhile Series X is getting The Medium! Returnal looks like shit guess ya'll be waiting god of war which might release on ps4 as well LOL 🤣
    XBOX getting 8 next gen exclusives this year and 14 cross gen exclusives this year!

  2. The only stuff that's not going to be MS exclusive are MMOs and games that have already been developed for the PS platform. And odds are even those will be timed exclusives.
    If MS want to be build gamepass there's no mileage in putting their games on competitors platforms.

  3. Pony: ah its may 2021 and finally after sending back my ps5 for about 10 times since 11. nov. I got my PS5 with silent fan and no coil whine. 2 month later summer 2021: oh no my ps5 doesnt work anymore weather is too hot and the memory melt down… hehe sorry i had to write this 😛

  4. Bro you get me hyped the most!

    About Indiana Jones, I think Microsoft definitely can negotiate an exclusivity deal for it, but the question is whether it will be worth it if costs them a lot? Especially in ~4 years when Xbox might not even need it to grow. So I think it will depend on how much MS is gonna NEED it to be an exclusive. It will have to be worth throwing multi hundreds of millions on it. My prediction is Xbox is not gonna need it.

  5. Great trailer, it shows how brilliant the future of Xbox is and that's great. There are gonna be a lot of great games in the future and I remember playing Kotor on PC at the time, it is still to this day my favourite game ever, I played to it more than 15 times, so if Xbox can bring other experiences like that, I'm down for it.

  6. Everybody gamestop has a xbox series x bundle up for grabs rn however the price with tax and the forced protection plan you have to get it's gonna cost about $724
    There is also a finance version to that's zero down.
    Been up for over an hour and they still have some in stock as of me posting this

  7. What i enjoy right now is microsoft is putting their power which is money into gaming like never before. They are clearly committed to turning gamepass into the Netflix if gaming and it is starting to feel that way. When the zenimax bethesda EXCLUSIVES hit gamepass is going to go nuclear.