Buying a PS4 in 2021

January 10, 2021 7 Views

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  1. It seems ridiculous to me that is so hard to find a PS4. Why would it be hard. It's like the top sold console in the last few years.
    I get they want to lower the stock since it is being replaced but the PS5 isn't even massively available yet and plenty of people still look to buy a PS4.

  2. I got a ps4 in 2020 a couple weeks ago and now I am going to sell it cuz ps sucks and I am going to buy an xbox 1 or xbox series. edit: right after I write this comment she says "don't sell your Playstation

  3. ⚠️Bro i'm in the same stupid situation as you i go to all the stores around me walmart,meijer ect and can't find it anywhere until one day a week before new years I got it from meijer only for it to shut down on me like 2 weeks later it sucks how stores just want money not the customer happy. And BTW you can't find ps4s because Christmas shopping is a thing⚠️