Rapper Reacts being DISSED ON Eminem New Album…

January 7, 2021 36306 Views

Rapper Snoop dogg Reacts being DISSED ON Eminem New Album…
Eminem Zeus new song snoop dogg being a diss on that song, How did they react to Eminem coming after them in the song Zeus? Snoop dogg and Eminem beef is big new because they are both legend rappers in the game and its a feud like we never seen in a while. Reactions of Eminem disses in the song zues diss everyone from mumble rappers like lil pump to rap artist 6ix9ine. Should we make more videos on snoop dogg and Eminem diss how do you think this will continue. Will snoop dog make a diss track on Eminem only any can really happen.

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Zues is not even the only song that has disses in it there is the song gnat by Eminem that have lyrics dissing many other rappers and artists. Eminem had a interview to talk about the disses and we cover these in the video including the one of snoop Dogg. Eminem new album side B with disses is big new and will cover more videos on this so stay tuned.
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